Jul 31, 2008

GOD Brought Us In For A Smooth Landing

       We had been planning on going to Mexico to be any help we could to the orphans and extremely poor children in the Tijuana/Rosarito Beach area since December of 2003. Life is life though and with one delay after another (a new baby, house remodel, a major earthquake, quitting work, house sale, another new baby, etc.) it took 4 years to get going.

       In February of 2008 we were ready to go. We had waited for God's timing, truly trusting Him. Initially we could not find anyone who would rent to a family with nine children. Our realtor was at a loss. We were telling God that we would take anything, even a shack. Anything! God then moved the heart of the real estate group's accountant to offer us his six thousand square foot castle and, because he had no room for them in his new smaller home, we could buy the furnishings too. God was showing us that He was only waiting for us to give up our expectation in order to bless us beyond what we would have dreamed.

       It's always hard to move to a new place. A foreign country is much harder. Our Spanish was marginal. We didn't know the culture well. We couldn't find the foods that we liked. Was the water safe? Where do you drive when there are no lane markings? God had it all worked out though. He surrounded us with people to love and help us. We had the family that we came to work with, the Pepitos, working hard to help us get settled and acclimated. God gave us dear Mexican National friends, the Aguilars, to help us with language and culture among other things. The director's of YUGO Canada, the Hooples, befriended us and were a blessing in so many ways. God even provided neighbors across the street that did everything they could to be helpful. They were Jehovah's witnesses and really wanted to convert us but God meant if for good and they were a great help!

       We are truly blessed to have God for our pilot!