Mar 31, 2010

The Langley Immanuel Youth Group

by Sarah E. Fruin

       Over the last three years we have had the pleasure of working with the youth group from Langley Immanuel Christian Reformed Church(LICRC)from Langley, British Colombia, Canada. For many years now, youth from LICRC have given up their spring break to serve here in Tijuana. This past March we were able help with translating and project direction. We spent about eight days translating, handing out invitations for an outreach, shoveling dirt side-by-side with them, and eating ham sandwiches with chipotle mayonnaise. God truly blessed us through them.

       They met our physical needs in a variety of ways. Before they even arrived they sent the funds to grade our driveway! Our driveway had been a point of great difficulty because we could not drive out when it was muddy, and we had spent many hours working on it. Then when they came they helped to shovel away the extra dirt that had been deposited on the sides. At that time we were very tight financially, so we were very grateful when they brought cart-fulls of groceries and household items.

       They invited us over to their base for dinner twice to eat and fellowship with the entire family. A few were quite taken with the little girls and made them very happy by listening to their little stories and playing with them; the rest of us had fun getting to know everyone better in a more relaxed atmosphere.

       We were also very encouraged by their hard work and willingness to serve. As we all went to work in different places, sprinkled all over Tijuana, it was clear that God had sent them to bless many people. One work site where big things were accomplished was a children's feeding kitchen. They built a bathroom and a retaining wall there that were much needed. They handed out fliers to neighborhoods to invite people to a church outreach. They taped and mudded the drywall at a pastor's home. They also weeded for another missionary family.

       Finally, God grew us through them. Andrew had to learn to trust that God was going to take care of his three oldest children in dangerous areas of Tijuana when he was not with them. Joseph grew in confidence and leadership skills as he was leading a construction crew. Sarah and Mary took another step toward being comfortable translating. And our faith was strengthened through seeing God fill our needs through some of His children.