Dec 31, 2009

Where has all the money gone?

       For many years I had told God that, if we could ever afford to, I wanted to go to Mexico to try and help the orphans and extremely poor children there. In November of 2002 my mother passed away leaving us a property in Atascadero, California. God confirmed that it was time to go to Mexico. We had God's direction and His provision. Our church, Berean Bible Fellowship, wanted to support us but that just didn't seem to make sense. We had sold the property and had sufficient provision for at least two years. God had blessed us and we were set. The church prayed for us and sent us on our way.

       Mexico was much more expensive than we had expected. Most everything was the same cost or more than California. By the two year mark we were out of money, or near to it, but God has faithfully provided every day. “Please give us this day our daily bread,” Jesus said. In many ways it has been a joy going through this faith building time.

       At one point we thought God was directing us to start a new business of creating 3D computer models ( to provide for our ongoing needs. If an architect, contractor, or home owner sends us CAD files and/or pictures we can email them back a 3D model. Though we have not had any paying clients to date, it has been very useful for the construction ministry. It has been invaluable as a tool to estimate costs, manage construction phases, and communicate to volunteers what needs to be done.

       We want to continue in ministry here, serving the poor orphanages and comedores (feeding kitchens for poor children), but the financial realities are limiting. Currently we do not have the funds to continue. Please pray that we would clearly understand what God would have us do.

       You can view photos of our some of our models at