Jun 19, 2010

God's Soup Kitchen for Kids

           A common ministry in our area of Mexico is a thing called a comedor. The word means something like "a feeding place" but they are really soup kitchens for poor children - children that may not get a nutritious meal at home. They feed the children and make use of the time to tell them about Jesus Christ. From my observation most of them are ministries that are after God's own heart.

      We have been working (doing construction) at one of these comedors for some time now and I have been so moved by the ministry that I wanted to tell you about it. It is run by a small family. Daniel and Dolores and their two daughters Nancy and Joanna. They also have a five year old boy named David but he is very little help. They are some of the poorest people I have ever known. Their home is not what most of us would call a house. There was no bathroom until recently. The whole family sleeps in one room. Their only vehicle is a very old van that was a gift. It is nearly completely delapidated and no longer functions at any level that could be called reliable. Families like theirs are not terribly uncommon here. There is no shortage of poverty. The interesting thing is that this family works hard and sacrifices much to reach the "poor" that live at the railroad tracks a couple of miles from their home. Daniel is a night watch-man for a shopping center in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Tijuana. After work each morning he comes home to help Dolores with the comedor. They feed fifteen to thirty children three days a week. The schedule changes from time to time depending on how much money is available.

       They started ministering at the railroad tracks by purchasing a little shack and hanging a sign that said Torre Fuerte Casa de Oracion which is Strong Tower Prayer Chapel. Their focus has always been to reach the impoverished people that live along the tracks with the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Starting a comedor was just a natural progression in their search for ways to reach the people.

           I have grown to love them and they are an encouragement to all of us. But I'm not writing this to honor Daniel and Delores. Their amazing life and choices are a witness to the Lord Jesus, the Son of God, the Light and Savior of the world. Please join with us and all who know of their work in glorifying God for the great love He shows this world through those who love Him and are called by His name.