Jul 5, 2010

Olympic Bible Fellowship

      We had the privilege of working with a fantastic group this week. Pastor Rich Hay and his wife, Diana, brought 5 others from their church to work on a variety of projects in our area. They are not new to Mexico, they were just new to us. A fellow worker here, Ivan Martinez, has been working with them for years and invited us to come along side this week. My children Sarah, Mary, and Jonathan worked as translators for the group in there Vacation Bible School program they conducted at a feeding kitchen for poor children. They used the AWANA Gate Test as their curriculum it worked well. They also put on an AWANA Grand Prix (pine wood derby) race for the kids. The children received a piece of paper to design their cars then the group worked that night to cut each one out and shape it. The next day the children decorated them with markers and stickers. It was a huge hit!
      One of the men that came, Jerry, was a contractor so I worked with him on building new stairs and a deck to replace a delapidated and completely unsafe set. It also turned out beautifully.
      The theme that God had for the week was loving those who you come to serve and serve with. The people are more important than the program, the schedule, the project, and even more important than our own desires. Through many trials, schudule disruptions, and difficulties the group faithfully reminded one another of that throughout the week. It was a great bit of wisdom that I would highly recomend to anyone in ministry and everyone in ministry knows how hard it can be.
      They showed how experienced they were at doing missions trips to Mexico by scheduling two visits to the beach and a little time to go rock climbing. Always a good idea! Two of the men that came, Jed and Cory, love to climb and found a nice spot nearby. To bless us they invited our boys, Joseph, Jonathan, and David to see how they would like it. They loved it! Jonathan was absolutely hooked.      They come every year so, like most groups we have worked with, we will miss them all year and anxiously await their return.